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Why the Playbook works for retail training

Focus on the product's key difference so it
can be repeated

Highly Visual for fast understanding & better recall

Simplify training to 1-2 min measurable conversations

Case Study

Training Bunnings Staff in isle within seconds

evergreen phone.png

“Pitch Pocket is such
A powerful tool when it
Comes to training!”

Luke Williams

National Sales Manager

3000+ Training Sessions

Retail staff who
Were Trained
In-aisle became
Product advocates

Sharing expertise and building strong customer connections
in less than 20 seconds using Pitch Pocket Cards

“..Getting our horticulturalists to share their expertise
has been a game changer..”

Andrew Martin

Managing Director


Outcome 1

Outcome 2

Outcome 3

See how the playbook could work for you

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Retail Staff

card 1.png

FMCG Customer Success

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Key Account Education

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