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Why the Playbook works for Key Account Education

Focus on the product's key difference so it
can be repeated

Highly Visual for fast understanding & better recall

Simplify support to 1-2 min measurable conversations

Case Study

Providing post sale support and education to key accounts

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“We want our customers to
see us as experts who can
recommend great products and
show how to use them!”

Tanya Walker

QLD Key Account Manger & State Chef

2000+ Key Customers Educated

Teaching chefs
How to get consistent
Results using their
Products is essential
To growing key 

Sharing expertise and building strong customer connections
in less than 20 seconds using Pitch Pocket Cards


Outcome 1

Outcome 2

Outcome 3

See how the playbook could work for you

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Retail Staff

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FMCG Customer Success

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Key Account Education

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