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Pitch Pocket Selling Sheet

All the tools you need to launch a pilot program with new clients

Pitch pocket is a tool that helps your field team have confident conversations with customers about your products. Every single time they're in front of them they can utilise these cards to achieve specific objectives or priorities that they need to land. In terms of what you put on the app, it's different to what would normally go on your website or onto your spec sheets. It's fast, simple and easy to remember so that when they are talking to their customers about your product they can confidently rattle off the 2 things that will make them buy it

Pre Meeting: Setting Up Initial Appointment

These are tools to help set-up a zoom call or in-person meeting to demo Pitch Pocket

  Intro Email  

 Email Copy Suggestions 

 Email Attachment 

  • Bunnings suppliers are already using Pitch Pocket to train team members in 5 minute sessions 

  • Bunnings suppliers are now focusing on training team members directly in-aisle right in the flow of work, I have attached a quick case study

  • I would love to show you how you can get Bunnings team members to confidently recommend your products to customers

  • CTA: depending on the situation ask for a zoom meeting or a discovery phone call 


 Intro Phone Call 

 Phone Call Goals 

  • Understand client needs to see how they can best use Pitch Pocket

  • Set up a zoom/online demo

  • Share "Pitch Pocket in a Nutshell" card right after the call

 App Login 

During the meeting

These are tools to demo pitch pocket to potential clients, this should help them understand what it product is, its benefits and what the pilot program looks like

 Zoom Meeting 

  • The below preso is designed for a 10 minute session it lands everything you need to know about Pitch Pocket to get started

 In-person Meeting 

  • Choose a relevant card and give a live demo training session

  • Explain the pilot program


 App Login 


Pitch Pocket Core Benefits 

Post meeting follow-up

 The goal here is to contact clients with right after initial meeting new to share internally and generate interest 

 Immediate Follow-up 



  • Thank you again for your time over the phone this morning.

  • Excited to see how we can simplify training for you; I have attached a quick case study for you with this email to share with your team as well.

  • Great catching up with you, just sharing this card with a quick summary of Pitch Pocket to share with your team

Evergreen Snippet.png

 App Login 


 On-going Email Follow-up 

 Have something new to share with customers with each followup 

Evergreen 74 hours.png

Spending just 5-mins in-aisle with team members daily adds up really fast with just 10 team members. See attached for amazing result achiever by Evergreen Gardens using Pitch Pocket

Evergreen Snippet1.png

Just wanted to share some details on how simple it is to get the Pitch Pocket pilot up and running for you, see attached for a guide on how the pilot works

Screenshot 2023-08-03 at 8.21.09 am.png

Here is a quick resource that has everything you need to know about pitch pocket and how it works

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