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Every interaction with a team member is a new learning opportunity

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Snackable . Measureable . Memorable 

Our Partnership

We have been servicing tier 1 multinationals with an app that support their sales teams connect and sell more to customers

•31 years in Account and Sales Management

•15 years - Evergreen Garden Care and Bunnings

•National Sales and Training Manager

•Initiated and implemented Bunnings sanctioned training program for Evergreen Garden Care

•6 years of category building

•3,000 B2B conversations extended

•Established in 5 countries

•1.5 million total revenue generated for clients

Our Process

Training – Examples


How it helps

KPI’s and measurements

Quantity and quality of training being done

See who is training

Observe who is being trained

Set training goals (topics/numbers)

A confident team member leads to more sales

  • Staff can easily and confidently repeat what they’ve learnt

  • Drives more sales of products in stores

  • Enables the field team to achieve a measurable training outcome with team members during every store visit

  • Catalogues, brands, new and existing products are all stored in one spot and ready to share whenever needed

That storage unit has 5 shelves and is lockable

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Sharing Essential Knowledge In 30 Seconds


"“..Getting our horticulturalists to share their expertise has been a game changer...”"

Andrew Martin

Managing Director

3,000 + Customers Engaged

Sharing expertise and building strong customer connections

in less than 20 seconds

using Pitch Pocket Cards

How do they use it?

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