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Why Does Pitch Pocket Exist?

A short article to show why we exist as a company and what are se problems we solve taking the example of our client Evergreen Garden Care

Evergreen has full control over their product success, whether it's using great sales decks or knowing their products inside out with an amazing R&D team, a great marketing and advertising team etc.


Once the product is up on the shelf. A new challenge of convincing customers to pick their products versus others arises.


The only person there to help is the retail staff, But convincing a customer delves into chaos when retail staff has no idea why your product is better than everything else on the shelf.

lose sale.png

This results in a customer still being confused and the brand losing the sale.

Pitch Pocket wants to prevent lost sales by using Playbooks to train retail staff in-aisle, every day,


Playbook App


Flash Card

flash cards.png

Every Playbook is filled with Flash Cards designed to limit what retail staff are trained on, to be memorable and make face to face conversations consistent. Playbooks themselves are apps that are easy to access, so you can continue training retail staff every day.

"Pitch Pocket is such a powerful

tool when it come to training"

Luke Williams

National Sales Manager

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