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Why Does Pitch Pocket Exist?

A short article to show why we exist as a company and what are se problems we solve taking the example of our client Nespresso


Nespresso is preparing for its biggest product launch yet with the Vertuo Pop line, they have amazing marketing and R&D teams that know their product and why customers would love this new coffee machine

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This product is quite unique compared to anything else available right now, so it’s really important for retail staff to know how to sell Vertuo confidently to any customer for the launch to be successful. This is a different channel to grow sales, different from marketing.


A critical insight here is that a retail staff member will only engage customers if they have confident product knowledge. They will sell more of a product if they can confidently repeat a fact about it, even if the one next to it performs better.

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lose sale.png

The retail staff not being confident on key facts about Vertuo ultimately results in lost sales.


Nespresso is using Pitch Pocket to create a Playbook filled with Flashcards that focus on one key fact at a time to train retail staff daily in under 2 minutes to be confident about Vertuo when talking to a customer.

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Playbook App

NEspresso app phone.png

Flash Card

nespresso phone.png

Every Playbook is filled with Flash Cards designed to limit what retail staff are trained on, to be memorable and make face to face conversations consistent. Playbooks themselves are apps that are easy to access, so you can continue training retail staff every day.


All Nespresso sales reps who walk into retail store will now have the power to create confidence in retail staff to sell Vertuo confidently to customers

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