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Repeat the best thing about your product, every single time

With In-Aisle Training


We all know that Bunnings require suppliers to provide a certain amount of brand training to Bunnings team members throughout the year.

Typically, this training falls into 4 buckets: online, classroom, roadshows and tradeshows.

These styles of training are all a valid and necessary part of increasing product knowledge within Australia’s largest hardware retailer.

But – there’s a new kid on the block. The new kid is Pitch Pocket In-Aisle Training and for Evergreen it’s been an absolute game changer.

In the last year alone, Evergreen have been able to provide 3 x more training to Bunnings team members through in-aisle training than all these other sanctioned training methods combined.


What is in-aisle training?

As the name suggests, it’s training in the flow of work, in the aisles of Bunnings stores around the country.

It’s fast – typically taking less than 3 minutes to complete.


It’s trackable – every training opportunity is tracked and measured on a dashboard.


Most of all, it’s memorable. Team members become knowledgeable on the product details that will help their customers most, meaning more products going through the checkout

All of this with no extra effort required! Evergreen reps can train Bunnings team members while they are already at Bunnings locations for other reasons such as merchandising, product activations and stock check.

It’s a win-win for everybody.

Congratulations Evergreen for finding such an incredible way to increase brand awareness and product knowledge in the hardware space.

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If you’d like to know more about how Pitch Pocket works, click below to download a copy of our Ebook.

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