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Getting Started with Pitch Pocket

Pitch Pocket Quick Start

One core piece digital content, customised to your market in conjunction with your trade marketing team, to meet your local back to business objectives.
selffilmAsset 1mdpi.png

Film your own

video using the

self filming kit

editAsset 1mdpi.png

We will professionally edit your videos

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Your videos will be hosted on a custom branded pages

customiseAsset 2mdpi.png

Locally customised video and call to action

bulkAsset 3mdpi.png

Ability for bulk SMS distribution to your customers

60daysAsset 4mdpi.png

60 day sales force licences for Pitch Pocket App


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Upgrade your videos with your own filming studio

Pitch Pocket Express Speakers
Pitch Pocket Express Broadcast Microphone
HD Camera
Live Coachng
Professional Lighting
Green Screen

Green Screen Kit


Call or text a dedicated number whenever you want to capture a message.


A Pitch Pocket Coach will record your message through the Express Recording Station


Now sit back and relax as we take your footage and professionally edit it into an amazing video!


Receive your completed video back within 1 hour! Ready to be shared with whoever, however you like!

Professional Office Filming Studio

What you get: Customers are provided with their own recording studio, where a Pitch Pocket coach can remotely film a professional quality video

1. Touch free filming solution

2. Video coaching

3. In-built with studio lighting, professional sound and a HD camera

4. Customised video backgrounds

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