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Each Pitch Pocket App Licence comes with its own BizCard.


Like any physical business card, introducing or being able to follow up with prospects, business partners and colleagues.


Pitch Pocket BizCards allow you to easily share and track your contact details with prospects, business partners and customers.


Recipients don’t need any special apps to open your BizCard and can save your contact card to their phone with one tap.




•Convenient – Always available in your pocket

•Sharable – Easily send to new or existing phone contacts

•Easy to save – Save as a contact in 1 tap

•Accessibility – No app required to open BizCards

•Trackable – Get notified when users open your BizCard

•Environmentally friendly – No printing required

•Easy to update – Details can be updated quickly

•Record of contacts – A centralised list of who has been contacted

•Reiterate key info – Provide a top-line recap of info or links

Referrals & delegation – Pass on sales opps to the right team members

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